Audrina Patridge Graces Shape Magazine's July Cover recently scored an interview and cover shoot with reality star Audrina Patridge. Here are some highlights -- and a few of Audrina's best fitness tips.
Flex your muscles: For an extra boost of confidence before she saunters onto the beach or power-lounges by the pool, Audrina does a quick series of squats and sit-ups. "I like to get the blood flowing to those areas," she explains. "I feel tighter and stronger, and it gives my skin a nice rosy glow."
Play the day away: The last place you'll find Audrina during the summer is in a gym. "I love outdoor activities," she says. She swims in the ocean, rides her bike on the boardwalk and plays beach volleyball with her friends. But Audrina's favorite workout buddy, she says, is her dog. "Lady makes sure I run or hike once a day-no matter what!"
Find your comfort zone: Audrina suggests wearing your new suit around the house for a few days until it feels like your second skin. "Or get support and advice from some of your friends by inviting them over for a private girls-only party in the backyard," says Audrina. If you still feel self-conscious, experiment with strategic cover-ups that showcase your best assets, be it toned legs or sexy shoulders. "You can team a gauzy tunic with a bikini bottom," she says, "or flaunt your upper body with a suit top paired with a long skirt."
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