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What Hillary Duff, Kristin Cavallari and Jennifer Aniston have in common? The drop-dead gorgeous hair! The secret? Krasta-a brand of hair products manufactured luxury with cutting edge technology designed to transform your hair dull, lifeless in a shining crown of glory, and all agree that lives up to its claim.

Krasta, unlike other treatments for the hair line in the market, really captures the experience of living with their advancement, patented formulations of active ingredients. It is this combination of luxury and innovation that has catapulted into the stratosphere Krasta popularity among the stars of Hollywood and high society, celebrity hair stylists and supermodels alike. Its wide range of products not only addresses the problems of hair, but also restores the scalp as a hair-healthy childcare. No matter what type of hair you have thick, curly, thin or damaged, you can find a treatment that is right Krasta for you. Today we focus on three of the biggest dilemmas of hair out there: sun-damaged locks, hair long and tangled, and the strands limp and flat. We'll show you how to turn your hair problem, misbehaves in the rebound, healthy mane of a goddess as their favorite stars.

Sun-damaged locks

First let's talk about the UV rays. We all know the damage that these rays can cause nuisance to our skin and eyes, but rarely think about the effects on the hair. Dry ends, divide and color fading are just two of the most common problems related to exposure to the sun and can literally suck the life out of any hairstyle. Luckily, Krasta has a secret weapon made to address these specific problems. Part of the resistance line Krasta, Vita-Ciment Concentrate is a ceramide-based product which strengthens hair fibers by rebuilding and strengthening the intercellular level down, is an intensive treatment to repair damaged hair ultra. The application of Vita-Ciment is easy: Spray the product on clean, towel-dried hair and massage thoroughly from root to tip. Leave on for about 5 minutes and rinse. After using this treatment, your hair will be able to cope with the heat of the hot rays of the sun, and be able to resist all the "torture" that put him through all that blow drying and hot iron.

Long braids and messy

Then we will explore options for people with long, tangled hair. Not only the tangled hair look rough, they are the cause of many frustrating "ouch" moments. The solution is none other than the treatment of Age Recharge Krasta. The special formulation includes behind this product molecule P-liposomes, vitamin B3 derivative of vitamin E. These ingredients provide the nutrients necessary for rebuilding the hair healthy and also provide the lipids that act as agents for the restoration of the hair surface. What does this mean in plain English? Soft, oh-so-touch hair that is silky and tangle-free from beginning to end!

Bizkit and flat wires

A large body, thick hair is the key sign of vitality, youth and sensuality, and so fine, limp, flat hair is the polar opposite of that, is probably one of the problems most universally detested hair . Need a boost of volume? Resistance-Volumactive Krasta rituals work in two to inject life back into your limp strands. First, apply Volumorphose containing hydro-active molecules that create new substances in the capillary fiber core to an expansion effect. Second, the use Volumactive mask containing polymers that restore the contour of the substances within each hair fiber and give your hair style in general a natural, flexible hold. These two measures are combined to turn the fine hair visibly thicker, bulky hair that lasts all day.

Tired of using the same shampoo and conditioner that do not produce opaque "wow" results? It is time to look into treatments and experience its magic Krasta incredible. If you have questions, call the College of the salon to book an appointment, we would love to show the beauty of this treatment really is.

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